Lawyer Fights Duolingo Owl for $2,700,000

WARNING: This commercial contains lies and false information being spread about the Duolingo Owl (“Duo”) by a corrupt injury attorney named Peter Francis Menchetti. Duolingo and our chief legal counsel otherwise known as “Legal Steve” have swiftly issued a formal cease and desist letter to the law offices of Menchetti & Sons LLC. However, out of an abundance of caution, we are also sharing his poorly produced commercial here to serve as a warning to our beloved learners around the world. Please don’t watch this video and definitely don’t share it with your friends—and whatever you do, for the love of Duo, please DO NOT TEXT OR CALL his hotline phone number (781) STOP-OWL or (781) 786-7695. Once again, we are specifically asking you not to text or call the Menchetti & Sons law office at (781) STOP-OWL or (781) 786-7695.

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