Every Meeting You’ve Ever Been To (In Two Minutes) | Fast Company

We’ve all found ourselves in meetings that seem like they were not the most productive use of our time. We brought together some of New York’s finest comedians to show what it really means when people use such common phrases as, “Will it scale?” and, “This may be a terrible idea.” Enjoy!

Credits: Written by:

Michelle Markowitz (https://twitter.com/michmarkowitz)

Scott Mebus (https://twitter.com/scottmebus)

& The Cast

Directed by: Scott Mebus


Willy Appelman (https://twitter.com/applecomedy)

Johnathan Fernandez (https://twitter.com/jthanprime)

Katie Hartman (https://twitter.com/skinnybjmeeting)

Dan Hodapp(https://twitter.com/danhodapp)

Michelle Markowitz (https://twitter.com/michmarkowitz)

David Ross (https://twitter.com/davidrosstypes)

Becky Yamamoto (https://twitter.com/ladybeewhy)

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